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IPv6Droid tunnel service

IPv6 tunnels as a service for IPv6Droid


By a single subscription, you can use 4 separated tunnels between the IPv4 and IPv6 networks. By using a tunnel, your Android device gets a fixed IPv6 address, by which it is reachable and from which it can access other IPv6 addresses.

The service does not include security features like anonymization, encryption or integrity protection. Your device might show system notifications referring to an active VPN; this term does not imply such security features.

No special technical measures are in place to ensure continuous availability of the service! By software problems, maintenance works or outages in the internet backbone, the service may become unavailable to you without notice. We do not guarantee time for restoration of the service.

The service provides general connectivity, it does not implement restrictions or optimisations for specific usage scenario.

Obligations of the user

The user must adopt the way she uses the service to its specific risk, and must ensure appropriate configuration of the device and other apps:

  • Availability: the service may be disrupted without prior notice, even if network connectivity of the device is undisturbed. All tunnels may be disrupted at the same time. The user is responsible to use the service only in scenarios that are not critical towards service disruption. The service may not be used in scenario, where service disruption would lead to risks of life, health, damage or financial loss.

  • Privacy:

    • If the user transmits sensitive data, using the service, she has to take care to secure the transmission (e.g. by using TLS encrypted connections - "https"). The service does not provide data encryption.
    • The user must configure other apps or system service in a way that the fact, that the device will be reachable by a fixed IPv6 address, does not result in unauthorized usage of the device or disclosure of data.
  • Integrity:

    • If the user transmits data where it is critical that they are not altered, using the service, she has to take care to secure the transmission (e.g. by using TLS signed connections - "https"). The service does not provide data integrity checks.
    • The user must take care that the device may not be compromised in the situation where it can be reached via a fixed IPv6 address.